1xbet online

1xbet online

The operations you can perform thanks to the app are:

1xbet bet both antematch and live (the 1xbet betting program has almost all the bets on the site)
follow some streaming events
stay updated on the results
play in complete safety and to protect your privacy
contact customer service

The 1xbet app is also available free for Android and iOS systems. The layout is simple and intuitive and the player will have no difficulty in using it.

The features of this application will allow you to:

1xbet bet antematch and live
consult the results in real time
follow live events with the chronicle or streaming widget
enable push notifications on favorite events
contact customer service
book bets to be placed later in the agency

The 1xbet app is very good, were it not for some problems encountered bet online by customers. Slow browsing, turning off the screen which involves exiting the screen and then having to reload it, the live section to be improved only to mention the main ones. However, the operator is about to release a new version that should go to eliminate some of these bugs.

Interesting instead the functionality to be able to book the 1xbet bets to play then in the agency. The 1xbet agencies, like those of 1xbet, are scattered throughout the Italian territory.

1xbet or 1xbet? In addition to the problems encountered, we gave one more point to 1xbet. He also developed an app totally dedicated to 1xbet horse racing bets. It does not appear instead for 1xbet.

Streaming and Live Winner: 1xbet

The streaming and live part is the weak point of both bookmakers. Let’s see why.

It is possible to play on events that are being played live on both sites. There is a dedicated Live section. Just click there, to see the list of matches for all the disciplines that are in progress.

In the case of 1xbet, by selecting the game you are interested in, a dedicated page will open with all the possible bets. You can follow the various actions, thanks to an animated graphic.

Same functionality also for 1xbet and 1xbet live sports betting program very similar. The graphic that illustrates the salient actions in progress, however, is not present in all the matches and is very basic.

In none of the two bookmakers is a live tv stream reported. It is a rather important lack since all the major operators have now introduced it.

1xbet or 1xbet? Although it does not fully satisfy either of us, we choose the first for the best quality of functionality offered in this section.


Our final verdict: 1xbet

We have come to the final verdict of our comparison between 1xbet or 1xbet.

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